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 Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond)

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Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Empty
PostSubject: Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond)   Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Empty26th June 2009, 14:27

  • 1991 - World-Wide Web (WWW) was developed by Tim Berners-Lee and released by CERN.
  • 1993 - The first Web browser called Mosaic was created by student Marc Andreesen and programmer Eric Bina at NCSA in the first 3 months of 1993. The beta version 0.5 of X Mosaic for UNIX was released Jan. 23 1993 and was instant success. The PC and Mac versions of Mosaic followed quickly in 1993. Mosaic was the first software to interpret a new IMG tag, and to display graphics along with text. Berners-Lee objected to the IMG tag, considered it frivolous, but image display became one of the most used features of the Web. The Web grew fast because the infrastructure was already in place: the Internet, desktop PC, home modems connected to online services such as AOL and Compuserve
  • 1994 - Netscape Navigator 1.0 was released Dec. 1994, and was given away free, soon gaining 75% of world browser market.
  • 1996 - Microsoft failed to recognized the importance of the Web, but finally released the much imporoved browser Explorer 3.0 in the summer.

Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig33
Nokia 9210 Communicator is part of the latest wave of web cell phones
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig30
The raveMP player sells for $269 and can store more than an hour of MP3 music
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig20
world's first production microchips made of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistors and copper wiring by IBM (AP 5/22/00)
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig08
body scans to buy clothes

Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig17
Microsoft Reader
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig18
Michael Crichton displays a handheld computer with his latest bestselling novel "Timeline" in Microsoft Reader form on the screen (AP 5/23/00)
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digital insertion ad
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig04
digital insertion ad

Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig23
Jeff Bezos of amazon.com
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig25
wearable computers
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig27
Apple G4
Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond) Dig22
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Fifth Generation (1991 and Beyond)
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