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 Compare Procedure-Oriented and Object-Oriented Programming?

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Compare Procedure-Oriented and Object-Oriented Programming? Empty
PostSubject: Compare Procedure-Oriented and Object-Oriented Programming?   Compare Procedure-Oriented and Object-Oriented Programming? Empty28th July 2009, 09:46

Procedure Oriented Programming
1.Prime focus is on functions and procedures that operate on data
2.Large programs are divided into smaller program units called functions
3.Data and the functions that act up it are treated as separate entities.
4.Data move freely around the systems from one function to another.
5.Program design follows “Top Down Approach”.
Object Oriented Programming
1.Here more emphasis is laid on the data that is being operated and not the functions or procedures
2.Programs are divided into what are called objects.
3.Both data and functions are treated together as an integral entity.
4.Data is hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions.
5.Program design follows “Bottom UP Approach”.

Procedure-Oriented vs Object-Oriented/Event-Driven


Emphasis of a program is on how to accomplish a task

User has little, if any, control


Emphasis of a program is on the objects included in the interface and the events that occur on those objects

User has a lot of control

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Compare Procedure-Oriented and Object-Oriented Programming?
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